Ghee Sankranti (Ghee Tyar) Festival of Uttarakhand

Ghee sankranti festival Uttarakhand

The state of Uttrakhand popularly known as The Adobe of Gods (Devbhumi). There are number of festivals and fairs celebrated in different parts of the states, throughout the year. Most of the festivals are associated with agricultural activities, nature and change in seasons, and related to animal husbandry. In these series of festivals one of the important festivals is known as 'Ghee Tyar' or 'Ghee Sankrant'. This is the one of the most popular and well known festival celebrated in rainy season. It's been celebrated in all across the state for centuries.

As per the Indian lunar calendar Ghee Tyar or Ghee Sankrant is celebrated on the first day of the Hindi month Bhadrapad (August). By the time of Ghee Tyar crops, fruits, vegetables have grown and are in profusion. Since this festival is associated with farming and animal’s husbandry. Therefore, people from both the division Kumaon as well as Garhwal celebrating Ghee Tyar with joy and happiness. Traditionally, during this festival people necessarily include delicious foods made of ghee in their meal, may be this is the reason its name as Ghee Tyar. In addition to this, people also include Urad (Black gram) stuffed chapattis and vegetables made of Arbi (Taro root) fresh leaves on their meal. On this wonderful day farmer’s show their gratitude for a prosperous harvest and share their food made of Ghee with each other. 

It's considered that anyone who does not include ghee in his or her foods on this auspicious day they will be born as Snail (Ghonga) in next birth. Since its rainy season and it’s obvious that one can see the yielding fields and greenery all across. Trees are loaded with pure fruits and wet leaves. 

It’s believed that in this day ghee infused into walnut kernel and walnut is safe to eat only after Ghee Tyar. Apart from walnut, pomegranate is another fruit which is edible only after Ghee Tyar.

One of the main custom of this festival is sharing of some gifts between landlords to craftsman, a commonly known as OLGI/Olagiya. Normally craftsmen give some metals to landlord/ farmers like axis, caliper, sickle and shovel etc. So that these metals can be used for upcoming crops harvesting and in return landlords give grains, and money to craftsmen. Fortunately or unfortunately, this custom is rare to see and in other words it's on the verge of completion.

People collectively gathered at a temple or someone’s house to participate for different kind of cultural activities. In this occasion one the famous mode of entertainment is Chanchari (Chanchari means song integrated with dance rhythm).These songs can be sing by women and men together or in isolation as well. Older people share their experiences and validate that they eagerly used to wait for Ghee Tyar and Chanchari during their younger days. Due to migration and younger generation moving out from native places for better facilities and employment in nearby cities such folks activities are limited to few villages now. However, people from Danpur area of Bageshwar district still enjoy Ghee Tyar with full enthusiasm and joy. Every year all people from Danpur celebrate a grand event to enjoy Ghee tyar by greets and congratulate each other. 

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Today’s generation is least bothered about our festivals, fairs that is started, organized and celebrated by our ancestors and forefathers for centuries. If everything goes like this very soon such events will be a history for our generation to come.

Although, I understand this is the era of information and technology people has got more source of entertainment, joy and celebration at their doorstep but these festivals are not only sources of entertainment and joy for us. These festivals tell us the story of our ancestors and their thought process which is in line with nature and GOD acceptance.This is the reason every festivals is unique and has  deep meaning in our life as well as the way we lead our life in the lap of nature. Its challenge for us to recognize, celebrate our public festivals, tradition and culture the way our previous generation did and make it more popular, meaningful and connected for upcoming generation.

Article : Mr. Prakash Singh Gariya

  • Ghee Sankranti 2021 Date  : 17 August 2022
  • Ghee Sankranti 2021 Date  : 17 August 2021
  • Ghee Sankranti 2020 Date  : 16 August 2020
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Ghee sankranti festival Uttarakhand